Mary Kay Cabot: ‘Much Support, Excitement For Hoyer Here’

Manziel is an IDIOT! He could be a starter but hasn’t bothered to do whatever it takes, Hoyer has been a consumete PRO using the time he had wisely and making the most of his chances.

Johnny FOOLSBALL needs a dope slap and some good old fashioned veteran ass whoopin everyday and twice on Sunday!!! The Browns will pay a price for this waste of a draft pick and Manzier may never get it, another Ryan Leaf? Who knows what the future of this boy is but NFL caliber? He doesn’t seem to understand the job isn’t a popularity contest (tho he’s doing his best to alienate everyone with his childish behavior) it’s talent+knowledge+attitude++++ which he doesn’t display in a manner needed for a rookie, he ACTS like he’s a Veteran with credentials to back up his trash talk. He’s going to have his head removed by a Professional Football player who’s sick of talent wasted on chuckleheads who don’t take the JOB SERIOUSLY!!!
Maybe he’ll some day understand his priveleged life doesn’t extend into Professional Football, your job is earned, it’s earned by practice and acting like a professional plus being a mature person that makes solid decisions regularly

Tiki And Tierney - CBS Sports Radio

One of the most dramatic quarterback competitions in recent history came to a close Wednesday morning, with Brian Hoyer getting the nod over Johnny Manziel.

In the end, it’s not too difficult to figure out why.

“I think more than anything, Johnny was not able to demonstrate that he was ready to take over this team – either on or off the field,” Cleveland Plain Dealer Browns writer Mary Kay Cabot said on The Morning Show. “He didn’t know the playbook well enough yet. Then of course we saw the obscene gesture to the Redskins’ bench the other night. He was late for a team meeting the week before. I will say that Johnny’s coming up the learning curve very quickly, (but) he’s not there yet – and Mike Pettine has said all along (that) he prefers veteran leadership and ability over rookies.”

Yes, it would have been awfully difficult…

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